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Roobin Officially Launched! - Roobin!! Your WhatsApp Super-Assistant (AI-Powered) | Product Hunt

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Share WhatsApp messages and audios with your work team

Save time by quickly sharing information with your team in Slack.

Effortless Scheduling

Book appointments to your calendar through WhatsApp using Roobin-chat

Seamlessly add and track your To-Do list

Roobin is your personal task manager assistant

Empower your memory

Never forget a thing again!

Connect with people faster.

Connect, anytime, anywhere

AI-Powered support for daily activities

Use Artificial Intelligence (Chat GPT) to boost your productivity

Many other features designed to improve and simplify your daily life

Transcribe WhatsApp voice messages, quick reminders, have specific meeting information at your fingertips, among many other upcoming features


Many new integrations to be introduced soon…
$0 /monthly

  • Chat GPT (limited by the number of requests).
  • 1 integration with Gmail or Google Calendar (limited by the number of requests).
  • Access to all features (limited by the number of requests).
  • Voice command.
$6.49 /monthly

  • Unlimited requests.
  • Unlimited Chat GPT.
  • All integrations: Gmail, Google Calendar, Todoist, Notion, and Slack.
  • Features: reminder, transcribe, translate, save.
  • Voice command.
  • Early access to new features.
  • Priority support from our team.


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